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Thumbay Group

Fitness Programs

Ladies Health Club, Sharjah

Abs Core

All about abdominal exercise and core workouts.

Body Shake

You think you know the moves, but can you shake? Shake will challenge your hand and legs coordination as well as your ability to follow.

Circuit Training

One of kind group class that challenges your strength, fitness level and agility at the same time.

Classic Aerobics

The 80’s aerobics revived in new upscale rhythms and moves.

Dumbbell Blast

Exercise your full body with dumbbells, intense up beat music, high reps, no counting, no stopping. Burn calories and preserve your muscles.

Fat Burn

Aerobics workout with the sole purpose of getting your heart rate at a level where your body prefers fat as fuel.


Exercise with rest intervals at different intensities and Heart rate levels. Your body will not know what hit you

Step Aerobics

Synonymous for its beautiful choreography. Step aerobics will leave you breathless yet asking for more.


An advanced exercise routine with a strict pattern of 20 seconds exercises and 10 seconds rest. Sounds easy until you try it.


Made by Beto, Zumba is popular for the music as well as fitness moves that will challenge your coordination and sweat you out.